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Theory of Change

If young people are empowered through access to land and trained to see their coffee farm as a means of earning profits then we can grow them into farmer entrepreneurs who will accelerate innovation needed for a viable coffee sector and lift their communities out of poverty and hunger.

Become our partner

Be part of sustainable coffee growing. Whether you are looking for a fantastic new coffee or supporting the next generation of coffee farmer entrepreneurs in Rwanda, we would love hearing from you.

Our mission

Sun Coffee Exports & Roasting is a social enterprise that engages and empowers the next generation coffee farmers to become thriving farmer entrepreneurs and lift their community out of poverty.

About us

We establish and work directly with youth coffee groups “Inshuti za Kawa” a kinyarwanda name that translates in “Friends of Coffee.” Through education we will build mutual trust in order to position Sun Coffee as a partner of choice for the purchase of coffee cherries.

Our values

These are the core elements that drive our work which is distinct from many competitors:

Youth Engagement

We bring together hundreds of young coffee farmer entrepreneurs to ensure that coffee growing has a promising future. Youth are the engine of innovation and energetic friends of the farm.


We protect the land for future use. We promote organic coffee farming by using vermiculture for fertilizer and we recycle everything from coffee pulp to coffee powder.

Quality at the Source

We focus on continuously improving coffee quality at every step of the productive process. We execute with world-class professionalism and business excellence.

Timely Client Service

We put our clients first and strive to meet their needs. We do what we say, and ensure our words match our values.

Dreaming Big

We envision empowering thousands youths towards self- employment. Youth are the leaders of today and tomorrow, they deserve nothing less.